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Harvest time already?

Hay cart

Well, we think we must have blinked and missed it at Heaton House, but at some point in the last few weeks it was summer apparently! It’s great when the warmer weather is here and the days are longer. We get out in the garden, we plant seeds and grow flowers, we eat ice creams and we even go on trips to our beach hut on Goring seafront too.

But the year rolls on, summer doesn’t last (if it comes at all)!  You know Autumn is coming when you see tractors on the roads pulling carts piled high with hay bales, the layers are kept on for longer and you start fancying a bowl of soup instead of salad for lunch. A seasonal change can be confusing for people with dementia, or they might not notice at all. However our residents react to the weather, we’re at hand with extra layers, rain hats and slippers – whatever they need. Heaton House is a small home and has come very cosy corners to sit in but if residents want to go outside then its OK too. Our back garden is south facing and we love singing in the rain (as one of our all time favourite films) so reenacting it in the garden is fine!

How you can help
It’s a fact that older and more vulnerable people do find it harder to control body temperature. We are constantly checking if our residents have enough layers on. If you know someone who’s alone and perhaps starting to get cold at night, why not check in with them and make sure they can access an extra layer in the evenings? A warm hello can work wonders too 🙂

And just because it’s getting colder again it doesn’t mean we have to forego the ice-cream, far from it in fact, our chef makes a lovely apple pie. It’s especially lovely after one of her roast dinners too – yum!


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