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Spring into action

Spring Cleaning

As the old saying goes, ‘March comes in like a Lion and goes out like Lamb’. The weather is on the turn for the better and just a hint of Spring is being felt here at Heaton House. Our lovely Magnolia tree, outside the front door, will soon be in bloom and thoughts are turning to getting outside a bit more, opening the windows to let the fresh air in and even Spring cleaning.

Of course, our full time cleaners are constantly keeping our homes spotless and if one of our residents wants to help out then we give them a duster and let them help. Being allowed to carry out the same every day tasks they did while still at home can be very comforting  for someone with dementia. However, not everyone likes cleaning and we make sure we find facts like this out through asking all the right questions and then documenting them in our individualised care plans.

We are always open to running new activities, especially if we know that someone in our care has previously enjoyed a particular hobby. We can’t guarantee to run things like hang-gliding or wind-surfing, but we can make trips to the beach and have a nice sit in our cosy beach hut watching all the others fight through the wind and waves instead. We do have activities almost every day, including light exercise, poetry groups, music, bowling, gardening, hair and beauty and art.

If you know someone who is elderly and alone, then why not ask them about their hobbies and things they’ve done in the past? This information could be really useful when planning days out. CareUK has also produced an excellent free guide on days out especially for those caring for a loved one with dementia at home.

We also offer respite and day care facilities in both our homes, which can really help take the pressure off caring for a loved one, keeping both you and them healthier and happier too.

So do get outside into the fresh air this month, we certainly will be!




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